Batanyili Water Fetching


“This album is very personal to me. The day these photos were taken was probably one of the most impactful days I had while in Ghana. I woke up on a Saturday morning to go and shoot this video, and I was in a terrible mood. I didn’t want to go and shoot this video. When I got there, we went with the women to fetch water, and it was by far the furthest that I had seen women go to fetch. It was about 2.5 kms each way, and they would do it a few times a day. Running around shooting the video and photos for this made me realize how blessed I am in life, and how hard these people had to work just to get some water that was incredibly dirty. I will remember this day the rest of my life.”

From Batanyili Water Fetching, posted by Shane Smith on 2/26/2012 (13 items)

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